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Hiring a Georgia Bankruptcy Attorney – 6 Benefits of Going With an Expert

Bankruptcy law can be complex; you need someone to educate you on why bankruptcy will work for you. Depending on the form of personal bankruptcy you choose–Chapter 7 or Chapter 13–there are many benefits in filing. This guide focuses on Georgia, but the reality is federal laws on bankruptcy are uniform in most respects except for where you file, who can file, and what debt counseling classes you take.You can eliminate credit card debt with Chapter 7 bankruptcy. For Georgia home owners, filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help avoid foreclosure. There were tens of thousands of Georgia foreclosures in 2009, including over 30,000 alone in the third quarter of 2009, but many of these could have been avoided.There are many other key benefits of filing bankruptcy, including:-Peace of mind
-Freedom from creditor harassment
-Debt discharge
-More time to pay back billsHiring an experienced attorney is clearly an effective way to start the process of rebuilding your finances. You may think filing with the courts is your first step in getting a second chance. In fact, hiring a good Georgia bankruptcy attorney is the first step.Why? Let’s go over six benefits of hiring a Georgia bankruptcy attorney. This goes over specifics on how Georgia bankruptcy works, namely with eligibility for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy allowed in Georgia.Know the Laws for Georgia Bankruptcy
A professional bankruptcy attorney does more out of the court room than in. For one, it takes an understanding of the laws to get a successful bankruptcy. True, most bankruptcies are smooth, but that’s because an experienced attorney knows the laws, knows your options, and can help if there are any big or small problems with the documentation, your income, and other aspects. You can find experienced Georgia bankruptcy attorneys at the State Bar of Georgia (who are online).Help with Documentation
Most bankruptcy filings require little input on your part. With Chapter 7, you rarely have to even go to court. With Chapter 13, you often go to court but it’s very short. A good bankruptcy attorney handles most of the in court negotiations. You will file at either Georgia Middle District Court, Georgia Northern District Court, or Georgia Southern District Court depending on where you live.Also, income comes into play whether you’re filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, specifically in Georgia. Say you are a single resident living in Georgia with an income under $40,691; in this case, you are eligible for Chapter 7. If you make more than $40,691, the current median income for Georgia, you will likely have to file under Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This is because you make too much money; most are at the least eligible for Chapter 13, unless secured and unsecured debts are too high. If you are in a different state, you have to find out eligibility based on median income.Save You Time
Filing bankruptcy takes time. You typically wait 3-4 months for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge, where your assets (if you have any) are liquidated by a trustee appointed by your Georgia bankruptcy court, and debts eliminated. Chapter 13 bankruptcy does take longer, usually 3-5 years. You will have to follow a lot of laws during the process, particularly on taking Georgia debt management classes and other requirements. A bankruptcy attorney can oversee the entire process of filing and discharge, saving you time.Save You Money
A bankruptcy attorney can also save you money. But they charge fees, right? Yes, they do, but when you think about how bankruptcy works, you’ll see the value of talented legal counsel. In Chapter 7, you can eliminate thousands if not tens of thousands in debt. With Chapter 13, the home you worked all your life to pay for can be saved.Make it Fast and Painless
While Chapter 13 does take longer than Chapter 7, a professional attorney can make this entire process a breeze. He or she will educate you on your options, if you are eligible for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Georgia based on your income, and also advise you on how to save your home.

Parental Habits Among Early Indicators Of Childhood Obesity

In a recent study of childhood obesity a number of environmental factors were identified that can be changed for a more favorable outcome.The study found that the primary indicator of childhood obesity was obese parents. Parents set a primary example in all things for their kids and nutritional habits along with activity are no exception. Our country, in fact all developed countries, are getting fatter. Obesity is on the rise and nearly 70% of Americans are overweight or obese. We are growing comfortable with our girth and accepting it as normal. We are passing that attitude to our children.Another common trait found among children who suffer obesity from an early age is eight hours a week or more of TV. These are findings relevant to very small children and are critical because watching TV promotes sedentary lifestyle and programs younger children to be entertained instead of seeking activity. As TV and video entertainment has become more ingrained in our culture we are desynthisized to how much time our kids spend just sitting around. This is not just limited to younger children but older kids and adults. This is another habit or culture that needs scrutiny.Our society is functioning on less and less sleep. Adults sleep less trying to do more with each day and kids sleep less because of the many entertainment options. Lack of sleep has been conclusively liked to over weight and obesity. This habit can be broken while at the same time fortifying the familial relationship. Less TV and more family interaction including sports, board games and reading together will tackle a number of challenges facing the modern familyObesity and childhood obesity can be caused by a number of environmental factors and even physiological causes can be mitigated with behavior. Of course, obese parents create a default environment for obese children. That’s not to say that it is deliberate or even a sign of ambivalence or neglect. Many are truly unaware how to deal with overweight and obesity or are confused so much information bombing them from all directions. A confused mind says “no” and the confusion about weight loss often promotes inaction.Obesity is typically classified as a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or more. Over 35 reaching the classification of morbid obesity. Your doctor or a competent wellness coach can help you determine your BMI but most people are already well aware if they are overweight and if they are unsure about being obese, they at least know they are heavier than they should be. This is not a judgment but an illustration that if the habits and culture of your home and family have created weight management problems for you as a parent then it is more likely that you will pass those habits to your child.Start with an honest self-evaluation followed by a body composition analysis. Make any needed changes necessary to set a better example as a first step in creating an environment that will defeat childhood obesity.To make it simple, these four things will give you peace of mind and, if needed, get you on the right track:
An honest evaluation of your own wellness and healthy weight as a parent
Turning off the TV and committing to family time that promotes activity
Giving up activities that prevent you from getting adequate sleep
Being aware of appropriate BMI for your childrenEstablishing a legitimate baseline, which can be done with a body composition analysis, is critical and seeking out like-minded parents can reinforce ongoing commitment. Once you are setting the example and creating the proper environment to combat childhood obesity.

Atmosphere Entertainment – When and Where it is Effective

Say you are having a cirque themed event then you do not really want to have birthday party clowns there because it is not what you would see at a cirque show. You would see European clowns with far less make-up and a totally different color palette for costuming.A lot of meeting planners or event producers make the mistake of just hiring a clown or balloon twister and it can be great (trust me I have done both) but it does not relay that you went the extra mile in the research. Event planning companies and agencies have the specific job of making your event hassle free and unique use them!Atmosphere entertainment is not going to be effective if you do not use it properly. If you are having a function in a small banquet room where the tables are not going to be very far apart then a strolling entertainer would not really be able to do his or her job. Instead perhaps place them on a pedestal in an area that people would be walking past to get a drink or use the rest room. It will not be intrusive to the overall purpose of the event or its guests but it will add the desired punch to the theme and get your efforts noticed.I recently had a client ask for a stilt walker to be part of an “Under the Big Top” themed event. They said they wanted the performer to meet and greet guests before and after dinner in the lobby to let them know the silent auction was going on and maybe take some pictures with them as they were entering and exiting the room. This is a fantastic use of atmosphere entertainment because she understood that during the actual dinner people would not want someone towering over them trying to make them laugh at a black tie gala. People would be constantly getting up and down from their seats and it could make for a potentially hazardous situation if someone were to knock into the stilt walker and send him crashing down (not a pretty picture).So the next time you are planning a themed meeting or event and want to have entertainment consult with the entertainers and the entertainment agencies. Let them know what is going to happen throughout the course of the night and they will let you know the best uses and locations for their talents. Do some research and hire the right acts for the right themes and you will be a superstar!